Gender Analysis : The Nail Polish Underneath The Hockey Gloves

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Gender framing has been present in societies and cultures across the globe. There have been many instances where cultural values and upbringings have led to a view towards women athletes. The past few decades have been particularly eventful for women around the world. One thing prominent when comparing cultures from around the world is that there is a clear difference in viewpoint with each culture. I believe that there is are different views towards female athletes due to cultural aspects beyond control as shown by Poniatowski analysis of gender framing present in hockey is both Canada and the United states, Billie Jean King 's fight for a united women 's tennis union, and the cross cultural comparisons of women 's soccer in the United States and the Netherlands. Poniatowski 's article, The Nail Polish underneath the Hockey Gloves, statistically analyzes how North American women hockey players were framed in relation to men hockey players (24). More specifically Poniatowski compares the framing of Olympic women hockey players in the United States to Olympic women hockey players in Canada. Along with gender framing present in Olympic sports games, Poniatowski notes that, "Within this media complex, audiences view the Olympics as an alternate reality where the Olmpics are framed and produced solely for television audience consumption (24). In this quote Poniatowski reveals the entertainment aspect necessary in national sports competitions such as the Olympics. In the…

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