Summary Of Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt By Jean Kilbourne

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Gender refers to the socially-constructed roles of and relationships between males and females, which is not based on biological differences. The roles are a imperative in this construction for parents and the media, especially in the area of sport. Since sports were invented, there is a controversial issue about gender in sports. In the early years, only men were played the sports, and the things that women could do were sit on the sidelines and watch. However, things had have a change over the last century in particular. Women are being allowed to play sports. They have been participating in professional sports for a long time, such as the WNBA, and the LPGA. Many male athletes are making lots of money from playing games, but female athletes …show more content…
Advertisement discreetly manipulates the beliefs, morals, and values of our culture, and most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happened. It becomes a big problem for women. Jean Kilbourne’s essay, Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt, points out how advertising and violence have influence for womenthat, and their bodise are protrayed as objects thereby normalizing attitudes that lead to sexual symbols and tools. She gives us an example about an advertisement in which a man is standing over a woman while the woman is saying “no”, but laughing. Jean explains how men are encouraged to not take no far for an answer, she believes that this cause for many rapes. From this eaasy, we can know how woman are portrayed in advertisements. The pictures of women’s bodies are treateing as objects. Advertisements have negative effects for …show more content…
They get noticed and become more and more famous for doing this. When we search the image about female athletes, we can see many pictures about they were sexy clothes, and we don’t know what kind sport do they play from these images. Also, there is a different between male athletes and female athletes. Male athletes use their skill to get people’s atttention. People don’t care male athletes’ appearance, they care about their skills and how many times are they win. But female athletes want to get people’s attention, they need to use their skill and beauty, especially about their appearance. For example, there are many people go to watch women’s beach volleyball, but most of them don’t like to play beach volleyball. The reason that they go to watch games is they can see the players wear sexy bikini during the games. Female athletes use their bodies to get noticed, so they are postting their sexy images on magazines and Internet. They are drawing attention on their sexy bodies more than on their sports career. If female athletes spend too much time in advertisements, they don’t have enough time to prepare for the game. Then, they will lose the

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