Essay on Gay Rights Equality And Discrimination

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Gay Rights Equality and Discrimination in Hawai’i
“Gay rights” throughout Hawai’i has been a controversial issue since 1973. There has been a numerous amount of debates about whether or not same-sex marriage should be legalized. But the real question is why not? Why wouldn’t we give same-sex marriages the same respect as if a man and a woman were to marry? Hawai’i is all about “Aloha” which means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. If this is a traditional word used to represent Hawai’i, then why isn’t it being shown? All men and women should be able to fall in love with whichever sex they chose to, because a person cannot control love. The American dream is to fall in love and get married, and live a life with the people they love most. Everyone, not only on this island, but also throughout the world, should be able to marry whom he or she loves without being judged or discriminated for it. I posed three important questions to address this topic: how has the legalization of gay marriage affected Hawai’i? What are some problems that have occurred because of the discrimination of gay rights? And why should Hawai’i value equality? These questions are very important to understand, because these are questions that gay people

DeSilva 2 face everyday. They don’t deserve to feel that way because they are just like any other person in this world who has the ability to fall in love.
Hawai’i has been debating about whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage for quite some…

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