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“From day one Temple wanted to crush her like a bug. He was cruel” (Cornwell 353). In the quote describes how Temple completely despised his twin sister Rachael. In the book the reader learns from Gault’s parents that Temple practically harassed Rachael and tormented her in many ways. One of these ways was when Temple killed the family dog and left it on Rachael’s bed. Throughout the book I always felt on the edge of my seat because every other page it seemed that Gault killed someone. Throughout the book Gault killed five people, who were all policemen except his twin sister Rachael Gault. In every one of Cornwell’s books Gault always leads everyone on a huge wild goose chase as he did in this book. Gault kidnapped Lucy who is Kay Scarpetta’s niece. By Gault doing …show more content…
First, I like From Potter’s Field because the book was the last book in the series. Books that end the series are always so well made and everything comes together very well at the end, such as Gault dying. I also liked the book because the amount that of times Gault showed up. Gault showed many times in the book even when he wasn’t killing anybody. I liked this aspect Cornwell added because it added more suspense to see if Gault would kill another victim. Second, I didn’t like this book because the amount of death that was in it. Out of the whole series of Temple Gault this book had the most deaths. This book had 5, or 6 if you count Gault himself. The death parts do make a book good, but a book with 6 deaths is a little ominous. Lastly, I like the book because of the amount of descriptive dialogue. In the book there was many points where I just thought “Wow” because the dialogue just described a hand full of events. An example of this is when Gault murdered Rachael. Cornwell had had Kay and Benton go back and forth talking about the scene and using words such as crimson blood and fleshy white. This was my opinion on the book From Potter’s

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