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Caesar used the problems in Rome to build his own political and military power, which led him to many victories. When Caesar was young he served as an officer in Asia Minor and was a quaestor in Farther Spain. Later during the revolt of Rome’s allies,
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After successfully launching his military career, he teamed up with Pompey and Crassus; they would be known as the First Triumvirate. Later the First Triumvirate would disband due to Crassus’ death, which led to disputes between Caesar and Pompey. Caesar conquered all of Gaul through many difficult attacks on tribes. He was also successful in other battles such as the Battle of Pharsalus against Pompey and the Battle against the Helvetians. This source is from the History Channel, which shows its credibility due to the studies and researches they perform. With the details on the First Triumvirate and many battles Caesar won, this article will assist in writing the research …show more content…
He also began many reforms in the Roman society and their government. After entering a strategic alliance with Pompey and Crassus he began waging wars on many people such as the Helvetii, Belgic Confederacy, Nervii, Veneti, and the Union of Gauls. He was successful in defeating all of them; unfortunately tragedy would come when Crassus was killed in battle. This led to many problems between Pompey and Caesar; therefore, they disbanded the First Triumvirate. Caesar was told to disband his army, but he refused and then crossed the Rubicon River in pursuit of Pompey. After Pompey was killed Caesar decided to help Cleopatra uphold her rule. While doing so, he finished off the rest of Pompey’s supporters and then became

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