Essay about Gain Beneficial Connections And Higher Cognitive Skills

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Gain beneficial connections and higher cognitive skills. These are just a few outcomes of going to college. Louis Menand, a former professor at the University of Harvard, wrote the article Live and Learn: Why We Have College, in which he explains three theories in which he believes are the purposes for college. Although some might agree with the idea that college is the tool that measures a person’s intelligence, getting a college education is about personal and intellectual growth. In Menand’s article, Theory 1 advocates believe “college is, essentially, a four-year intelligence test.” (36) This theory indicates that the only thing that matters are the grades. As long as a student takes any rigorous course and passes the class with an outstanding letter grade, they are using college wisely. However, grades are not necessarily all that matters, but they do show how much you applied yourself to the course, not necessarily how much you learned. It is possible to get good grades, but not have retained any information after the course was completed. I have experienced that in "easy" classes or classes I was just trying to get through and be done. Theory 3 supporters believe “college is where people can be taught what they need in order to enter a vocation." (Menand 38) College provides the knowledge needed for a career, in which the student is taught what they need in order to enter a certain vocation. The advocates see it, as a job requirement. A Theory 3 upholder sees a…

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