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In the “The Yellow Wall-paper,” the author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, writes about a struggling mentally ill woman, named Jane, trying to work through her individuality and her own depression. This story is centered around her bedroom, her mental state, and the yellow wall-paper on the walls in her room. The reader can easily feel the pain, anguish, despair, and struggles of a woman going through a depressive state. Gilman writes about the individual succession of the woman’s mental state through the disarray of the patterned yellow wall-paper. The theme of feminism is exposed by the main characters use of language, her feelings of inferiority, mental struggles, and anger.
The language of the narrator in this story is repressive to
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As Jane’s feelings of inferiority are expressed throughout the story, she still tries to escape her depression while locked in her bedroom. She is struggling against the constraints of her controlling husband, who just babies her, but ignores her because he thinks he knows what is medically best for her. Jane recognizes that John meant to repaper the bedroom, but once again he dismissed her request to change the wall-paper by stating, “ that I was letting it get the better of me, and that nothing was worse for a nervous patient than to give way to such fancies” (Gilman 810). Her husband’s consistent reminders of being superior to her make her feel inferior to him. Throughout the story John holds the power of being the doctor who knows what is best for his wife. Susan S. Lanser indicates in her article “Feminist Criticism, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and the “Politics of Color in America,” that Jane’s feelings of intimidation come from “the phrase ‘John says’,” which “heads a litany of ‘benevolent’ prescriptions that keep the narrator infantilized, immobilized, and bored literally out of her mind” (418). Jane’s feelings of inferiority are enhanced by her sister-in-law’s ability to “work.” She is jealous and envious of Jennie. Jennie is allowed to be a caretaker, has freedom, and is not constrained mentally by John. The more domineering and babying by her husband, Jane tries to keep sane by looking into the

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