Future Plans Of A Mechanical Engineer Essays

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Future Plans of a Mechanical Engineer I chose mechanical engineering because I like the science behind of how an engine or a machine works. I also find mechanical machines fun and interested to look at and to study them. What I find interesting is the challenge that goes with developing the machines or engines. It takes years for a car company to develop a new engine or powertrain. If you look at a car a vehicle has thousands of components that have to be put together. So that is why I chose mechanical engineering but the question is what do I know about it? Prior knowledge to being a mechanical engineers is that they know how to develop engines, machines, and other mechanical equipment. If you ask an engineer if it pays well then they will tell you that they do the higher up the more they get paid. They also will tell you that it takes years of education and training. Mechanical engineering is a challenging because it tests your skills in math, and science. And if you ask them if their career makes them more active it does require some activity with big projects that go by. Now that there is some background information the question is what are some of their daily tasks? One of the big questions is what do they do? Engineers do everything from research to design the product, they develop the product and after it has been developed than they test it. Mechanical engineers are typically involved with the generation, distribution, and use of energy; the…

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