Future Of Customer Relationship Management Essay

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Future of Customer Relationship Management:
Story of CRM is clear to us so far, its role in the company has deepened recently and its adoption in Indian industries is boon to the sector. But considering about the future of CRM, it’s been a questionable topic of all time. What is future of CRM? And not just discussing its evolution in next year but also understanding its growth in the coming decade.
1) Few winners, more losers?
Oracle is the one buying all smaller CRM providers while HubSpot is just entering the space. LinkedIn has grown its network a lot recently whereas Microsoft CRM dynamics are exposing CRM to the social media.
The CRM we adopt should be infrastructural: general, customisable and can be expanded. Talking about its future, the key to it will be consultants and resellers in the role, who can guide you through the vast variety of options.

2) Ecosystem of CRM:
Ecosystem of CRM is expected to broaden and deepen with the time, market surrounded by the multi-tiered ecosystem are the signs of mature market. Selling plug in apps has become a business for thousands of vendors.

3) Ever intensifying legal secret activities around data:
Data protection has always been an issue and it will always be thus the future of CRM will have to face the Data Protection as the major concern future of CRM cannot ease the process of protection of data.
With majors US based users, how EU customer data can be protected? Can stand as a question to be thought.

4) Comparing email…

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