Future Implications For Furthering And Application Of Lymphedema Awareness Campaign

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Future Implications for Furthering and Application of Lymphedema Awareness Campaign
I have plans to submit an article at the Kenya Medical Association meetup, with the CEO of the medical association. I will also write a proposal to the CEO and chief editor of the Kenya Medical Association by writing an article that will be featured in their newsletter, so all the doctors and other health professionals are informed on how to effectively manage lymphedema. The following details will be included in the letter to the editor: the pathophysiology of lymphedema, statistical data of lymphedema, causes of lymphedema, the role of the occupational therapist in lymphedema management, and why it is important to maintain normal limb to promote quality of life and increase participation in occupational performance. In addition, television commercials will be made with visual cues demonstrating the benefits of the treatment (Oenga. E, & Aketch, D., June 6, personal communication).
I also plan to present at the Churchill comedy show in Kenya, a show that is watched all over Africa. Through an interview process, a comedian show integrates health issues during the commercial breaks to educate the community, thereby promoting the quality of life of Kenyan citizens (E. Oenga, personal communication, June 4, 2016).
I also plan to conduct interviews with senior editors of NTV, KTN, and citizen health programs, large national television channels in Kenya, to raise the awareness in Kenya and all…

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