Foundations Of Education Class Analysis

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Throughout this semester in Foundations of Education I have personally learned many things regarding education and how to better myself for my future students. This class stretches you to go completely out of your comfort zone to truly see what teaching is going to be like. The methods and strategies that we have discussed in this class have given me a different perspective on teaching and the education system in the United States. One of the very first methods/strategies that I hope to incorporate in my future classroom is the sense of a learning community. Upon entering this class, I had no true concept of what a learning community was. Prior to this class, all my other teachers never emphasized that the classroom could be used as a community to grow connections between the students and the teacher. In my future classroom I hope I can use this concept to grow my classroom to hold one another accountable. The more you grow as a class the more respect you have for one another. In a well developed learning community such as ours. You as an educator get to see how the students in the classroom want the other students to succeed and become the best that they can possibly be. Where as currently in many cases in the United States we often pin students against …show more content…
In an ever growing society were technology is essential tool for life. Teachers have the ability to use it for good. It gives students fast and easy access to the classroom and to new material. It helps implement a flip classroom which has been proven to increase students knowledge in the classroom. It also can help parents become more involved with their child’s daily activities in the class room. One app they mentioned is designed as a like a Facebook accept for teachers to communicate with parents regarding their child. These tools can help make teaching more enjoyable for the teacher and the

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