Furniture Market Case Study

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Accent chairs are already popular in Switzerland because giants like IKEA and Bogen33 and plenty of SKU in the accent chair and armchair department. Our target market are businesses such as hotels, bars, lounges, and clinics. Customers will only buy one of our products once, maybe twice ever. This is because furniture doesn’t expire or get outdated like food or technology. Although one customer can come in and buy several chairs, that’s probably the only time we will sell to that customer. While sporting goods might be heavily related to the climate of the country, furniture has no correlation with the climate. Switzerland is much like Canada is respect to the style of furniture and interior design. We will come into the market with
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Furniture has no real ongoing customers; there’s no need for installation, not much for repairs and there are very little returning customers. For this reason the furniture market is very simple; you come in buy a couch, pay for shipping and put it down in your house. We should send a couple hundred of accent chairs overseas, as the volume of sales in furniture is not very large as it is expensive and usually a onetime purchase. There will be higher taxes as we are a foreign company selling in
Switzerland, but there are no quotas imposed by the government on furniture pieces. Furniture pieces are one of the few things that are the same every in the world; a table in Canada is a table in India. Unlike electronics that have varying standards when you cross borders, furniture has the same standards in almost every country. While buying furniture is a onetime purchase, retailers can offer insurance, cleaning and repairs. We will not be doing that as we don’t have
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Selling accent chairs to Belgium will be a huge venture for Stylus.However the prospects look very good; there is little difference in culture, buying habits and regulations between Canada and
Belgium. Belgium is as modern and Canada is and a house in Belgium looks more or less like a house in Canada. To sell furniture to Belgium is similar to selling in Canada, with shipping and customs added. By starting with a lower pricepoint and still carrying out the quality that Stylus is known, I hope that we can build a name for Stylus in Belgium as an affordable furniture company. Belgium has plenty of possible clients; it has several hotels and clinics where waiting rooms and lounges exist. These is ideal for such piece of furniture as the ones we are selling.
With a mix of advertisement and cold calling to smalltime business and corperation, I hope to build a client base that will buy and spread the name of our brand. By combining retailers and sales agents we should be able to reach to most amount of customers, businesses and individual consumers. As there are no leading brand names in furniture, Stylus is poised to sell very well in

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