Analysis Of Fur Traders Descending The Missouri

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In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, two paintings are exhibited taking place in the 1800s. These artists have similarities and differences viewpoints of the environment in their painting and it helps people get a glance of what the 1800s were like.

The first painting was by a man named George Caleb Bingham. Bingham was born March 20, 1811, Augusta County, Virginia to Mary Amend and Henry Vest Bingham and died July 7, 1879, in Kansas City, Missouri. Bingham was a self taught artist. He’s well known for his painting like The Country Election. He was actually a Democratic activist and used his art to demonstrate his position. Bingham’s nationality was American. His famous art piece was titled Fur Traders Descending the Missouri. This art
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This piece was approximately 2’5”.
In the Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, a father and son are seen in a canoe uneventful rowing down a river. They are surrounded by trees and sunlight. The father is wearing a red shirt, smoking a pipe while the son is wearing a blue shirt holding a shotgun with a duck in front of him. The father, according to the label on the painting, is French, while his son is also half Indian, a mestizo. The French and the Indians had a compromise during the 17th century in which they agreed to trade within each other fur, which was very important in the economy not only to the Indians but also the French. In the canoe, one is able to see a black cat on a leash, a bird on the son’s lap and birds in the sky. It can be assumed, its spring since the father and son are wearing long sleeves. Also, the trees look full and the sky is somewhat clear with the sunlight shining from the northwest so it 's daytime. Bingham painted tree as though they were shadows to help create the illusion of near and far. The father and son are displayed as near with their vibrant red and blue color shirt and the cat is also displayed as nearby it’s pure black fur color. Additionally, the father’s hat is
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One can assume he is in the middle of nowhere at sea. The wrecked ship is surrounded by sharks. The Gulf Stream starts in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean and travels up towards New York making a tad warmer temperature. It can infer that he’s in the middle of a storm because of the drastic tilt of the ship and because in the top right corner of the painting one sees a tornado like form in the water. Because of this tornado like form in the water and the tilt of the ship, it must be windy and cloudy so is should be about spring because tornado season in the southern hemisphere is March - June. Before 1899, this Gulf stream was used in The Middle Passage, a route between Africa, South America, some parts of the Caribbean, and North America to trade slaves and also trade raw and manufactured good. In addition, Homer creates the illusion of near and far throughout his painting by using different colors for different parts of the painting. He uses lighter color to He uses dark colors like navy help demonstrates to the viewers that this man couldn’t see clearly what was in the water. It also gives a mood of suspension because the darkness of the sea if observed closely is filled with enraged sharks. additionally He uses an orange-red color to demonstrate blood in the ocean. It’s unclear whether its of a shark or a possible companion this fisherman could of had. The viewers are drawn into

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