Funding, Overcrowding, Lack And Lack Of Funding Essay

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In the article, it tells how there are many schools closing, combining or relocating within the next few years in Philadelphia. Reasons why these schools may be closing are the lack of funding, overcrowding, lack of resources, increased competitiveness in charter schools and students being forgotten. Philadelphia is known as having one of the worst school districts in the country. A good portion of this statistic is due to funding. Funding is something that is at the base of all problems and all solutions. For these Philadelphia schools discussed in this article, funding is an issue. Overbrook, Gompers and Cassidy are planning to add a seventh grade to their school next year. However, they are just going to throw students in the building without looking at the full effects. Because of a lack of funding, the building size will stay the same and the approximate amount of teachers will remain. This addition will lead to a larger class size which can be very detrimental to the students. If a class, which may have been twenty-five students, suddenly increases to thirty or thirty-five, it will have the possibility to negatively effect the students academic progress. Some students cannot thrive in a class size that large. By adding additional students, others may be distracted or their academic performance may go down. According to Steinberg, “achievement is lower in overcrowded schools because of stress on both students and teachers, the use of facilities for instruction that…

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