Funding For Drones Has Increased Dramatically Since The Year Before 9 / 11

1886 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Funding for drones has increased dramatically since the year before 9/11 where it stood around 284 million. Currently, $4.6 billion dollars is spent in drone related technology, a reduction from FY16’s budget by $1.2 billion. This reduction in spending for aerial type drones is due to the need for other unmanned drone technology, such as the Navy’s new line of unmanned undersea vehicles that are used to detect sea mines, or the land drones used in the army to disarm bombs or perform reconnaissance ( Drones provide the means to effectively carry out a mission from across the globe. One such drone by the name of RAF Reapers are primarily stationed at Creech airbase, an airfield near Las Vegas, Nevada, and are flown over Afghanistan to collect intelligence for the U.S. ( These drone strikes can show positive effects for the United States military, but also has consequences with simple miscommunications causing dastardly effects. The chance of drones breaking down, or worse, striking the wrong target inflicting collateral damage to surround areas, is but a few of the issues surrounding these aerial killing machines. Hospitals in Syria have mistakenly been bombed, killing many innocent civilians in the area, all due to miscommunications between a drone pilot and his commanding officer. Unlike humans, drones to not come equipped with morals. It is easy to think that drones provide a way for soldiers to avoid the negative affects of warfare,…

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