Drone Warfare Pros And Cons

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A group of men are sitting inside a hut in the middle of the dessert, the three men are all known terrorists. Suddenly, the hut disappears in a flash of fire and shrapnel, unknown to the men a missile was launched from a circling reaper drone controlled by another man thousands of miles away in Nevada. This is a prime example of a fairly new tactic of drone warfare used by Armies around the world to fight terrorists. Drone warfare is the use of unmanned radio or satellite controlled aircraft to destroy enemy targets, and conduct surveillance on enemy forces, these aircraft can hold missiles or cameras and are saving countless lives by taking out enemies or scouting them without putting soldiers in harm’s way. One of the arguments of why drones …show more content…
Citizens of the United States should be concerned about this because drones are used to protect the country and its soldiers overseas. Something as small as letter to a government official could sway more funding to the drone programs and it is something almost every citizen can do, if that seems like too much work citizens could also vote in officials who support the use of drones. The benefits of increased funding include but are not limited to, saving soldiers’ lives, lowering financial and emotional costs, speed of deployment and, they are extremely versatile. Drones can be used to defend the United States, its citizens, and its interests around the world which is why citizens have the responsibility to support promote drone fund through letters to officials and electing officials who support drone …show more content…
The most prevalent counterargument against drones is that they can be misused, I do agree that there should be some restrictions on drone use because most drone operators use them for good and new legislation would hurt them the most however, I do recommend restrictions for where they can be flown which would exclude highly populated areas and airports and within a certain distance of private property. I also recognize that there should be some restrictions on military drones to prevent collateral damage, a good restriction would be requiring more intelligence before striking a target. Military drones should not be abandoned because of some collateral damage, which could be prevented if more research is conducted and better legislation is proposed. Drones could be refined so that the memories of civilian casualties could become a thing of the past; although it is argued that the United States should stop drone use until they are better developed, the benefits of the current technology far outweigh the drawbacks. Drones are already saving soldiers’ lives, lowering costs of the military and reducing the time of missions but, with more funding they could be given better technology to expand uses beyond the battlefield. That is why citizens should push to continue funding to improve the drone system;

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