Functions Of A Dmo ( Destination Marketing Organization Essay

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Destination Marketing Organization In my paper I will discuss the role and the functions of a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization); as well as, just a few of the advantages they offer for someone who is willing or interested in utilizes their expertise when planning their convention, meeting or event.
Destination marketing organizations (DMO) are often times called Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) or in simple terms tourism boards; nevertheless, they are one of the most important first point of contact people to help you gather the information to help ensure you are making the arrangements with the proper place that can accommodate the needs for your event; as well as, giving you the assistance to help you do your job more efficiently. Each DMO represent a specific location and one of their main objectives is to help with long-term economic development for their specific communities through the travel and tourism industry. "Destination Marketing Organizations not only maximize every dollar spent, but also present and highlight a town, city or region 's unique historical, cultural and artistic diversity. DMOs also partner with entertainment venues, restaurants, retail and a wide variety of accommodations for maximum tourism and visitor exposure"( Guadagno, 2012). A destination marketing organization have three primary responsibilities which are; encouraging groups to hold their conventions, trade shows and meetings in their area; to help with the preparations…

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