Functions And Classification Of Navigation Essay

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2.2 Navigation
Functions each airline websites provided in navigation are various such as flight booking, flight information, travel information, holiday packages (car rental and hotel booking), manage booking, promotions and club rewards, etc. Flight information mainly referred to the flying experience such as travel classes, meals, entertainment and baggage. Travel information introduced destination guides, visas and travel news related to airlines’ routes. Each airline websites did not provide every function previous list mentioned, therefore, an analysis about functions design and classification in navigation will be discussed individually.

British Airway. Apart from site search button and language switch function, British Airway designed five sub-menus in navigation. Flight booking, holiday package (including hotels and cars), promotions and supplemental services such as travel insurance, airport parking and currency exchange are placed in a ‘Flights and holidays’ sub-menu. Flight information and travel information are designed in ‘Information’ sub-menu except destination guides are placed in ‘Flights and holidays’ section. Manage booking, club and business travel are designed as three separate sub-menu in navigation. In ‘Manage my booking’ section, services are arranged as two categories- online check in service and booking details change service. ‘Executive club’ section has three sub-menus, club overview, rewards introduction and membership register. A link for…

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