Functionalist Perspectives Of Homelessness And Its Effects On Society

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1. A) Functionalist—the macro perspective of homelessness may ask the question what their role in society is. Some functionalist may argue that homelessness is an individual problem. That “survival of the fittest” is the golden rule and there is nothing wrong with the public. In fact a functionalist claims homeless people are a product to their own demise. They, themselves are the issue. Rationally, this mind set applicable to everyone, like the elderly, children, and disabled. Where the “survival of the fittest” is not applicable to all in this group. In a more broad view—the question again asks what the role homelessness in society is. How does it affect society as a whole? More importantly, what is the role of homelessness as it applies to the family, religion, education, politics, economy or the media. A functionalist may also consider the structure of homelessness as a dysfunction or a breakdown in society. Society is made of family, religion, education, politics, economy and the media. In this capacity, the faults of homelessness or individuals serve as employment opportunities. A functionalist may view this as a remedy the dysfunction in society. For example, non-profit and government funding for food, housing, and education. In the cold winter months in Boston, the media publicizes and exploits the politics of homelessness in the city.

B) Symbolic Interactionism—the micro perspective of homelessness is viewed in a different manor. The temperament in symbolic…

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