The Importance Of Homelessness

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In todays world there are many homeless. People struggle to find jobs, shelter, and even love. We could save half of the world or more is homeless. There are many foundations that try to stop hunger or try to provide for homeless individuals. Those who are less fortunate should not be punished. They should not be a nuances. We should not look at them as anything less then a person. It is true that sometimes the homeless can be disturbing but we need to help them to make the situation better. The homeless should be helped not thrown away. They are people too and deserve to be treated like one. What if you were homeless? How would you feel? How would you feel knowing people look at you as if you don’t mean anything? Everyone deserves help no …show more content…
They may say that the homeless do nothing but lay around on the streets. People mostly think that the homeless are disgusting and make our world have a bad appearance. I can slightly see why they would say this but if you never give someone a chance you will never know. If the state helps them get on their feet , I am determined that they will make a contribution to their community. Every time someone walks past a homeless all you can hear is “ugghh”. You don’t have to downgrade those trying to be happy with nothing. Let me stress this a thousand more times!; Those that buy material items and do not focus on their children that they don’t seem to care how many they have, are getting help while making are society look worse The homeless have no children, they are not trying to support any one, and they only have themselves. The government is giving them nothing! People around us everyday turn down the homeless. Some want the homeless to be hauled away. No! No! No! They are humans too! If they are hauled away where are we going to put them? We need to stop supplying those not really in need and help build a home that will fit homeless. Everyone is human and according to the constitution we all have the same natural rights. People all over claim that the homeless are disturbing and they don’t want them near their

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