Full Body Scan-Research Paper

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Full body scan-research paper

The 9/11 attack, the shoe bomber, and the Christmas day bomber (underwear bomber) are all examples of terrorism. These kinds of attacks have caused worldwide fear. As a result, governments have implemented safety regulations. One of these safety items is the new body scanner in airports. Random passengers are selected to go through the scanner. It detects contraband carried by people. Body scanners are a necessary safety requirement that all worldwide airports must have. It is important to understand how they work, why they are necessary and to convince doubters. Full body scanning makes it difficult for terrorist to conceal weapons or bombs. People believe it is an invasion of
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Body scans pose less risk than most natural radiation exposure. The doses of radiation made by the scanners are minuscule; it would be less than a single dental x-ray. You would have to go through the scanner more than 1,000 times in a year to meet the maximum recommended level that your body can receive.
Terrorists have made it necessary for us to have to go through full body scanning at the airports. Terrorists are plotting new ways everyday to try to bring down our airplanes. They will not stop at any cost. They will kill themselves, their wives, even their own children because that is what the terrorist are taught to do. They have no fear of dying. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has to try to stay one step ahead of these terrorists.

Unfortunately, there is not any single technology that is 100% effective to keep the future terrorist from boarding airplanes. Since 2001, TSA started with taking off one’s shoes and putting toiletries in small plastic bags, only being able to have very small amount of toiletry products such as shampoo or toothpaste. Full-body scanning is just one more thing added to keep us safe. To save the lives of people against the terrorist who will stop at nothing to kill innocent people is worth full-body scanning. It is the terrorist attacks that violate people’s rights not the full-body scanners. Terrorists will stop at nothing to be able to out due the 9/11 attack, using our own American airplanes to cause such mass

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