Fuku Character Analysis

Oscar Wao Paper 1

Fuku a curse of doom. Fuku was brought to Santo Domingo by the dictator, Rafael Trujillo or that is how the Dominican people would testify. Oscar Wao’s family was cursed by Fuku as shown in the novel. “If you even thought a bad thing about Trujillo,fua, a hurricane would sweep your family out to sea,fua,....” p.3 This is how fuku is presented in the novel and how it was known in Santo Domingo. My family was presented with a term similar to fuku. This term is known as “tusha”. Tusha is not a curse like fuku, tusha is just bad luck. Fuku is a big part in the story because Oscar Wao’s family was impacted by it in various ways. For example, when Oscar's mom Beli was about to die when two guys were punching and kicking her at the point of death. This two guys then demanded for her to abort the unborn baby. The two guys were sent by Trujillo’s sister. Reason why that happened is because Beli fell in love with a Gangster.This gangster wasn’t just any gangster though, this gangster was married to the sister of one the evilest dictator. Fuku? I
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Oscar would fall in love so deep that he would do anything for that person, but fuku cause the girl to not feel the same. At the end of the story Oscar falls in love with a stripper that has a police officer. Police officer found out about Oscar and sent a threat to him by get beat up. Oscar love was too big for the stripper that the threat did not stop him. He would still go and visit the stripper. Until one day the police officer send out to look for him and when the found him, he was taken to a place far away that no one could here him. Stripper warned Oscar about something like that happening, but the both loved each other so much that they took the risk. Fuku is a method very similar to what Oscar's mom went through.That night, the place where no one could hear Oscar,Oscar was shot and

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