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Chia-Yi Liu
Meng-Chieh Chan
George Fisher
Yihong Xu
LinhDan Nguyen

Johnson & Wales University
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Matthew J. Samel
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Title page 1
Table of Contents 2
SECTION I Project Introduction 4
Explanation and Definition of Hotel Outlet 4
Explanation and Description of Sample Hotel’s Chosen 4
Summary and examples of what “others” have said about the Outlet 7

SECTION II Standardized Recipes, Converting and Costing 10 Introduction; The importance of Standardized HACCP Recipes and Cost Cards 10 Standardized HACCP Recipes 11 Cost Cards 21 Comparison of
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Guests can also enjoy many different appetizers from all around the world along with live music on Thursday through Sunday.

Author's Lounge (Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand): the most amazing lounge in Thailand with old colonial charm that every guest would like from the moment they come to the lounge. Guests can feel as ease with an elegant decoration and soothing music that easily make people feel relax. Along with the nice space, guests can also enjoy tea time and oriented menu as well.

B. Summary and examples of what “others” have said about the Outlet

Based on our research, it is difficult for people to find many lounges that without bar in the hotel. Nowadays, business people combine both lounges and bars to gain more profits to their businesses. However, we found the Lounge in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Windows Lounge in Four Season Hotel and Author’s Lounge that are exactly match the definitions of Lounge. Furthermore, the menu items of those three lounges have some similarities among each other. They are all selling easy-cooked and easy-eat foods. Additionally, the customers that have experienced the lounges before gave positive comments on the website. Some of them recommend the lounges to their friends, families and people who saw the website.

a) Lobby Lounge of Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco
Liv. A posted: “We had the "Ritz-Carlton" experience - everything you

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