Fruit Density Essay

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In this project a experiment is being conducted based on the hypothesis being studied which is can a fruit density indicate the nutrition value? This paper explains the science of nutrition and how the digestive system works; also makes real world connections between food and obesity; has guidelines based on types of foods that are considered malnutrition; gives insight on density and how nutrition in food is related; and informs readers on the different types of nutrition and how they are different from each other. This project is being designed to test former knowledge on others who have conducted this experiment; and to answer many questions such as what is the difference between nutrients based fruit and regular fruits?
Does dense fruits
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Dietary fats can be man made by taking in excessive calories from the body to promote growth and healthy nutrition. Not all fat is bad for you some fats are actually good for you. That’s where how much you consume comes in to place known as moderation. Dietary fat is the fat that it found in foods from plant and animals, it is also another macronutrient meaning that it provides energy to the human body. Many humans think that dietary fat is bad for the body, but dietary fats can help boost lots of body functions for example some vitamins must have fat to dissolve and nourish your body properly. There is a growing list of concerns with dietary fats for example the intake of fat is consumed quickly and can take up lots and space and soon be unstable to the body causing weight gain. Dietary fat is also high in calories and is the down fault of many diseases and health concerns such as Type 2 diabetes clog of arteries, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure. ( there are two main types of harmful fats known as trans-fat and saturated fat. Trans-fat is considered by many doctors the worst fat a person can consume because of the list of chronic medical problems over time. That is consisted with Tran’s fat especially if you make them apart of your regular diet, but is also the reason why some foods taste good and last longer on shelves. There are actually two types of trans-fat …show more content…
Recent studies show benefits of having a small dose of saturated fat in the body. Saturated fat can increase size of LDL cholesterol otherwise known as Low Density Lipoprotein. As we know cholesterol is a molecule that is needed for us to live But LDL is a protein that carries cholesterol to the blood. But there are new studies that have found to subtypes small dense LDL and large LDL. Particles that are small and dense cannot penetrate through artery walls which means cannot affect cholesterol damage and rising and the effects of saturated fat will be irrelevant since saturated fats raise the large subtype of LDL. Other good things about saturated fats, There is no evidence that stated eating saturated fat will give your or is associated with heart disease. So there forth it has never been proven. Also there is research stating that saturated fat may lower the risk of stroke because eating saturated fats raises blood levels of HDL otherwise known as the “good” cholesterol, which should lower your risk of heart

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