From Undoing Gender By Judith Butler Essay

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What Is It to be Considered a Specific Gender While Judith Butler’s claim in her essay “From Undoing Gender” is challenging, complex, and comprehensible, she provides somewhat enough evidence and analysis of David Reimer’s case to prove her claim that society uses language to set the norms of what a gender should be and how one should act in accordance with one’s gender. First, Butler’s use of David Reimer’s case, known as “the John/Joan case” ("Interview: John Colapinto”), “a boy who accidentally had his penis burned and subsequently amputated at the age of eight months” (740-741), is somewhat sufficient to prove a claim that most people would resist accepting. William and Colomb have expounded that, “The more readers resist a claim, the more evidence they want” (114). A majority of readers resist Butler’s claim because they comprehend only so little on the basis of their own language context, limiting them to see anything past it. Language expects us to define ourselves as distinct and identifiable, just like everyone else. Hence, language utilizes a sense of entitlement established by law and society. We commit an error based on taking meanings in a literal fashion to be a sufficient description of what we are. As readers of Butler’s narrative, we are faced with limitations regarding what we grasp and perceive due to what is “between us and the reality” (741). Moreover, this dialect will set up our authenticity inside a lawful structure tucked away in liberal renditions…

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