Essay on Friendship Is A Special Type Of Relationship

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Friendship is a special type of relationship and it plays an important role in people’s daily life. Friendships satisfy people’s need to belong (Mattingly, Oswald, & Clark, 2011). When defining a friendship, we need to consider three aspects: behaviors, underlying feelings, and motivations (Hruschka, 2010, p.17). According to Hruschka (2010), the most common behaviors observed in a friendship include socializing, mutual aid, and self-disclosure. People spend time to share activities with friends as well as efforts to acquire more information from them. Friendships usually involve generalized or balanced reciprocity depending on the subjective closeness of friends. It is argued that close friendships may have an evolutionary benefit to regulate kin-based altruism to people who are not our closest kin. People think that sharing secrets as well as discussing personal information are signals for trust in a friendship. Friendships provide people with feelings of warmth, intimacy, and closeness. Motivations are the predictors of whether people want to continue or advance the friednship (Hruschka, 2010, p. 57-75). A healthy friendship is beneficial to people as it increases happiness and well-being. Interracial friendships provide additional benefits to people in a way that it reduces the intergroup bias and thus discrimination.
Context, attraction, and psychological merging are crucial in the development of close friendship (Hruschka, 2010, p. 146-167; Pinel, Long,…

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