Frictional Distillation Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The long chains of molecules that are in the crude oil must be separated from the smaller chains of refined fuels, including gasoline; the correct term for this process is called Fractional Distillation. A frictional distillation tower could hold up to 200,000 barrels of crude oil. The oil is then pumped into a furnace and heated a little over 600 Fahrenheit, which causes all but the largest molecules to evaporate. Frictional distillation itself does not produce gasoline from crude oil, but it just removes the gasoline from other compounds in the crude oil. Further refining process is now evaluated to improve the quality of the …show more content…
This kind of process includes catalyst, high temperature, and increased pressure to affect chemical changes in petroleum. Catalysts are such as aluminum, platinum, processed clay, and acids are then added to the petroleum to break down larger molecules so that it will possess the desired compound of gasoline. Another type of refining is called polymerization, which is the opposite of cracking in that it combines the smaller molecules into bigger ones that then could be used as liquid fuels.
After gasoline is refined, some chemicals are added. Some of the chemicals that are added are anti-knock compounds. Usually these compounds react quickly to the chemicals in the gasoline that burn quickly so that it could prevent “engine knock”. After this other additives are added to prevent the formation of a gum type of congestion in the engine. The gum is more of a resin that is formed in gasoline that can coat the internal parts of the engine and increase wear.
Gasoline is widely used through out the world to power things, but unfortunately its soon becoming something of the pass since petroleum is a nonrenewable source. Through out the years this type of energy provider has given us the power to power our cars to drive us to our work, school, and home; to powering our lawnmowers to helps us maintain our front and backyard. It’s a one of a kind, and what lays in the future well just take it one step at a

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