Freya's House History

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In a small quaint village lives a fairy who’s name is Freya. Freya lives in a large tall oak tree where she has her cozy house. In her house she has her kitchen, living room, dining room and a small staircase that leads upstairs to her small bedroom and bathroom. Freya’s house is made from some of the old sappy wood from the oak tree which she lives on.

When Freya first moved to the small village she was glad to know that the weather was nice and warm. And that when she passed the bakery for the first time she could smell all of the sweet goods being baked and being pulled out of the warm and hot oven. If you were to look up at the tall oak tree that is right above the village you will find Freya 's house. Looking through the kitchen window
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When Freya and Lucy get together they always go to their favorite tea shop where they both get tea that has a special nectar and honey in the tea. When you first drink this tea you will be sure to feel warm and soft inside down to your toes. And the tea shop sells lots of different baked goods like small cakes and cupcakes with sweet frosting. One of Freya’s and Lucy’s favorite cakes that they get every time is the famous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. This is one of the girl’s favorite baked goods they always get when they go to the tea shop. Whenever you bite into the red velvet cupcakes you will want to buy another and another because the cake is just right it’s not to sweet and not to dry. It’s just right and when you first take a bite of this luscious and smooth cake you will feel like you are floating on a big fluffy cloud that looks like mashed potatoes when you look up from afar. And when you first lick the cream cheese frosting it is smooth and like a stream running down into your tongue and it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. After Freya and Lucy have their red velvet cupcakes they like to fly down to a small creek that runs right below the oak tree where they both

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