Freud 's Strongest Arguments For Psychoanalysis Essay

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One of Freud’s strongest arguments for psychoanalysis is in his interpretation of the mind and its functions. The primary goal of psychoanalysis is to make the unconscious conscious. In relation to the literary theory, psychoanalysis is engaged to liberate the innate drives and desires to form a better understanding of literary works. Therefore, whether or not Freud’s theories are absolute or undeniably true, they provide a basis for connecting to the innermost part of an individual or the unconscious and in relation to literature, induce instincts, desires, fears and conflicts held in the unconscious and transfer them to the conscious.
According to Freud’s theories, the mind functions unconsciously as well as consciously. Each is depicted through the image of an iceberg; the conscious mind being the tip or the exposed portion (what is seen), while the unconscious is represented as the submerged portion (what is unseen). The conscious is the personality and behaviors of an individual that are seen, while the unconscious mind functions to incorporate the innate instincts, realities, and morality of an individual. Therefore, in order to liberate the innate drives and desires as described by Freud to form more creative literary works, understanding the psyche and the unconscious is crucial to the unleashing of such creativity.
Freud explained the human mind (or psyche) to be subdivided into three entities that make up the psychic apparatus. These are not physical divisions, but…

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