Freshwater Resources And Climate Change Essay

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The world are current facing different kinds of issues, and the most well-known one is the climate change. It endangers the essential elements for all livings, freshwater resources. This essay uses online research method to gather information and aim to provide more details about freshwater resources and climate change to ensure reader to have a better understanding on both of them, but most importantly, to analyze how climate change has impacted on the freshwater resources, why is it a serious problem, and how this problem impacts on human health, along with some recommendations on how to solve this problem.
Freshwater Resources
Numerous resources in this world are going into scarcity due to overexploitation. Additionally, overexploitation indirectly leads to climate change, one of the most well-known environmental issues that impacts widely on this nature. Unfortunately, it has created an urgent matter, which is that the climate change is also affecting the most precious resources in this world-the freshwater resources.
Definition of Freshwater Resources, and the Reason Why It Is the Most Precious Resources The systems of freshwater are countless; for example, they can appear to be rivers, swamps, marshes, and lakes (USGS, 2016.) However, not of these systems in this world are freshwater, some of them are saline. Only the water with less than 0.5 parts/thousands of dissolve salts are freshwater (WWF, n.d.,) which only takes up to 2.5% of the Earth’s water. Moreover,…

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