French Monarchy And The French Revolution Essay

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France has a long history of problems, wars, and conflict that have led the country through many regimes including: monarch, empress, republics. To start off I will discuss the French Monarchy and how the end of the Monarch was a direct result of the French revolution. During the 18th century the French government, or King Louis XVI, tried to raise taxes as a direct result of war and court life costs. The French citizens did not like this and thus they revolted which leads to the French Revolution. The French Citizens resented the role of the absolutist monarch, also the inequality among the peasants and the bourgeoisie, the national debt, and food scarcity were some of the many causes of the French revolution. At the end of this is leads to the eventual trial and execution of King Louis XVI and his wife. The French were also under the rising influence of enlightenment which had a growing influence on the many different classes of France. After the Monarch came about the first republic (1792-1799), where for the first time, men were allowed to declare their natural rights and freedoms. The first republic also declared the notion of popular sovereignty, reduced/ disestablished the power of the Catholic Church, and created the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. From this change in French government and rule France gave rise to the secular state. In the year 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte came into power, declaring himself the Emperor of all France. Napoleon lead…

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