French Revolution: Weaknesses Of The Old Regime

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Define: estate – a division of three groups in France’s society based on wealth, status, and occupation before the French Revolution old regime – the political and social system of France in the 18th century before the Revolution republic – a government in which power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch émigré - a person who fled from France due to opposition to or fear of the French Revolution (referred to royalist refugees in the French Revolution) sans-culottes – the common people who did not wear the fine clothes of the upper class and played an important role in the radical phase of the French Revolution
1. Describe the three greatest weaknesses of the Old Regime.
The rigid social structure of the Old Regime had many flaws in it, but one of its greatest weaknesses was its
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The Constitution of 1791 represented a somewhat new order, but the idea of a monarch was still preserved. Unlike the old order, the monarch was limited by the power of the Legislative Assembly who was able to make laws. Although it was a significant start to a better society it still had many flaws, such as the discontentment with the majority of Catholic priests, nobles, and lower classes.
4. How did France become a republic?
Many distrusted the king due to defeats in war and economic shortages, thus the radical political groups captured the disloyal king. As a result, the Legislative Assembly was forced to call a national convention while monarchy was suspended in order to form a new future government. The idea of France becoming a republic was spurred by the convention’s intense distrust towards the king. Finally after the abolishment of monarchy and destruction of the old regime, France officially became a republic. However, many were still disgruntle with the new republic and believed in more radical changes.
5. In your opinion, did the Committee of Public Safety benefit or harm France?

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