Freightliner Market Segmentation Case Study

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Market segmentation
Freightliner market segmentation can be broken down into two different segments. General freight trucking and specialized freight trucking. The general freight trucking transports general commodities such as local food and beverage transportation. The transportation of these commodities could be further broken down into two segments. Food and beverage would be a generally short distance haul, where the transportation of food and beverage may also be considered a long distance haul, if the transportation requires a great distance to be traveled.
The second segment is specialized freight. Specialized freight requires specific equipment due to the size, weight, and material of the product. Specialized freight may include
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Freightliner trucks can be sold to both market segments and freightliner targets customers that view their trucks as a solution to business, not a product of it. With rapid technology advancement in the industry, freightliner markets to those who want connectivity, fuel efficiency, and safety in their trucks. Being that the industry, has both independent dealers and fleet sales, Freightliner forces their attention on fleet sales opposed to independent dealerships. Freightliner targets companies such as Swift, U.S Xpress, Old Dominion, and C.R England as their primary volume customers. Freightliner correctly targets fleet sales, opposed to independent dealerships. In total, 12 fleet companies make up for 25% of their sales in the United States. These sales have recorded over 9 billion in sales for freightliner since 2011. Along with the distribution of their product, Freightliner needs to target drivers who will want to buy/drive a Freightliner truck. For this, Freightliner markets older males, between the ages of 40-55. Being that the industry’s demographic is dominated by older males, it makes sense to focus on the larger market. The price of a freightliner in not cheap, the average cost of a truck is between, $110,000 – $135,000 and Freightliner is on the high side. That being said, Freightliners target market extends to customers that value a high end vehicle, and can afford the

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