Freedom Of Speech In Rick Mckee's Political Cartoon

Freedom of Speech has been a dispute for many decades. Freedom of speech is an individual’s right guaranteed by the first amendment to communicate different opinions and beliefs without censorship and constraint. The restrainment of speech has raised many issues of the right to free speech since this constitutional freedom has been characterized with contention subsequent to its entrenchment. Many medias are used to draw the attention of citizens and viewers to issues hindering freedom of speech. Political cartoons are one of the most popular medias used to express opinions about current events and draw our attention to the point of view in cartoons. Hypocrisy is one of the many issues restricting freedom of speech today, and is the subject of Rick McKee’s cartoon revealing partiality of the left-wing on freedom of speech, and Michael Ramirez’s cartoon showing the prejudice of campus officers regarding the right to free speech. The cartoonists use color, labeling, …show more content…
Scrutinizing the cartoon, the college student holding up the sign board that reads “tolerance” is clearly one of the alt-left, while the other college student believes that speech should not be limited and all speech should be protected by the constitution. From the cartoon, it is obvious the man standing is a college student because of his casual clothing, pink bag pack and red shirt that states college. The individual standing used the tolerance sign board to beat the free speech individual until the point he bled out. The free speech supporter is designated with blue which stands for peace and tranquility, while the college student standing is designated with red which represents hate. Michael Ramirez uses blue to represent free speech because blue is considered the safest choice color choice around the

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