Essay on Freedom For The Common People

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Freedom is a hard word to define because freedom means different things to different people. To some people, freedom is to be completely self-governed; to others it may mean freedom to have control of others. The founding fathers established their interpretation of freedom over 200 years ago in the Constitution. Since then, countless changes have been made in the definition as well as who had rights to these privileges. In my opinion, when a small population has more privileges than others, there tends to be a loss of freedom for the common people.
In early America, certain groups had so much freedom that they undermined basic human rights to a vast majority of the country. White men had the most freedom when it came to land, slaves and women. The definition of an independent citizen was someone who owns property and possesses virtue. The native americans were stripped of their right to land, Africans were considered property, and women could not be independent citizen. This idea of freedom allowed white men to believe in their limitless freedom and oppressed others by doing so.
Before America was founded, the Native Americas roamed the lands free from Western influence of freedom. To them, the land was not theirs to own, but to live off of and give back. “Village leaders assigned plots of land to individual families to use for a season or more, and tribes claimed specific areas for hunting”(Foner 9). The westerners believed that Native Americans were using the land wrong…

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