Freedom And Freedom Of Freedom Essay

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Americans have always felt that liberty is of the greatest importance. All throughout American history we have protested, fought, and died for a chance at equality. Ever since European colonists and Native Americans met, they were no different from each other. Each of the groups had their own beliefs, and ideas about what liberties they were entitled to. To prove this, they were both willing to do almost anything for freedom and equality, no matter the risk. Settlers from England had to fight the battle of liberty on two fronts. Not only the war with the natives but fighting for their freedom from the mother country. As we progress through the years though, the meaning of liberty slowly changes. Liberty has changed from fighting for freedom from England until we started fighting for the rights and freedom of the slaves. Liberty is freedom. Once the colonists arrived in America, they had felt that they had many sources from which they could take freedom. The very first source of this was the new land itself. Many of the colonists who came to America in the late 16th century were coming from a horrible life. England at the time was a land of poverty, and in order to survive, many took to becoming thieves. When they came to the new world, they saw multiple opportunities to make a better life. Particularly, they saw the possibility of freedom. Nonetheless, America gave some distinct ideas to the colonists. They had realized that they now have a chance to start over a whole…

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