Free Will And Moral Responsibility Essay

1367 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
So, what exactly is free will? Free will is defined as, “a free and independent decision; a voluntary decision” (free will, n.d.). Do individuals possess free will and are morally responsible for their actions, or is everything predetermined for them and thus are not responsible for actions committed? This essay will discuss free will as well as determine a possible answer for whether there is such a thing as free will and moral responsibility. For my argument, I believe since everyone has some form of moral responsibility, no one can have full possession of free will. This will be supported through ideas of consequentialism, incompatibilism, and examining human physiology, including neuroscience.
To begin discussing about free will, one has to consider certain consequences that arise from free thoughts and actions of an individual by referring to the theory of consequentialism. Consequentialism can be defined as, “the theory that human actions derive their moral worth solely from their outcomes or consequences” (Consequentialism, n.d.). When individuals choose what they are going to do during the day, they typically lay out the outcomes or consequences of every option that could occur. Imagine that an individual has to write an essay that is due in a week. Either they can write the essay or they can avoid it and do something else such as hanging out with their friends. There are many consequences that arise from each one of those options. Does that individual have a free…

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