Free Will And Determinism Within The World Of Minority Report

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It seems obvious that I have free will because I made the decision to eat a slice of cheesecake at 2am. I could have eaten a brownie instead if I wanted to. Michael Huemer says on page 104, Chapter 10 ‘Free Will and Determinism in the World of Minority Report’, “Having free will is thought to require two things: alternate possibilities and self-control.” Free will is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one 's own discretion while the universe being predetermined is events that are planned beforehand. To introduce, soft determinism is the theory that human behavior and actions are determined by causal events, but human free does exist when defined as the capacity to act according to one 's nature. I believe that if the universe had a beginning like a pack of dominoes, take the dominoes out and touch one, and they all fall. Once the first domino fell out of free will, the rest of all the dominoes are predetermined. Every event after the first event affects the next event. Dominoes lie on each other after one falls. That concludes to a big argument which questions, is our universe based off of free will or is our universe predetermined? The argument from free will, also called the paradox of free will or theological fatalism, contends that omniscience and free will are incompatible and that any conception of God that incorporates both properties is therefore inherently contradictory. (dictionary)
In the book, ‘From Time Travel…

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