Free Trade Is A Free Pass Of Oppose Climate Control Essay

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Free Trade is a Free Pass to Oppose Climate Control
Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything Capitalism vs The Climate argues that in order to begin to solve the issue of climate change we must abandon the free market system American democracy is based upon. Klein states, “We have not done the things that are necessary to lower emissions because those things fundamentally conflict with deregulated capitalism” (Klein 18). Here, I will be focusing on the claim made by Naomi Klein that free market fundamentalism helped overheat the planet as discussed in chapter two of her book. I will analyze the argument made by Naomi Klein and provide additional evidence that supports why fundamentalism has contributed to climate change. In this paper I will argue that Naomi Klein argument is accurate because she identifies that international trade trumps the goals of climate control, free trades allows for cheap labor that contradicts the steps needed for climate control, and that economic expansion is conflicting with atmospheric limits. I will further support Naomi Klein’s claim that free market fundamentalism helped heat the planet by turning the earths resources such as: plant, animals, workers, land and water into commodities to be bought and sold, by promoting economic activities and behavior that has a negative affect on the environment, and lastly by having trade policy that ignores the environment.
Specifically, in chapter two of This Changes Everything Naomi Klein supports her…

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