Summary Of This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate By Naomi Klein

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The 21st century has seen the most temperature records broken in recorded history and since the 1950s, every continent has had a substantial increase in temperature. Increases which have led to abnormal changes in the weather such as wilder storms and hurricanes, as well as extensive droughts. You may come to ask yourself as to why this is happening and Naomi Klein believes she has the answer to your questions. Klein, an established author and a well known social activist, has written This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. She explores the components of capitalism and its apparent role in climate change. She names part one of her book “Bad Timing” , since at a time like this where climate change is a problem, it is near impossible …show more content…
When we inject more chemicals into the Earth for processes such as fracking, which some people consider “economically friendly”, we further distant ourselves away from finding a solution. The fact is “if we respond to a global crisis caused by our pollution with more pollution … then geoengineering might do something far more dangerous than tame the last vestiges of ‘wild’ nature” (Klein 267). Geoengineering is not only reducing precipitation for food supply but also increasing the risk of epidemics. Say it as you will, geoengineering may not be the main solution to our problems. For example, while the Pinatubo effect might cool down the Earth’s global temperature, it will cause “a permanent haze that could appear over the earth, potentially making clear blue skies a thing of the past” (Klein 259).
We are also under the misconception that the big green billionaires will the “messiahs” (Klein 230) will lead us in this movement. One failed example is regarding billionaire Richard Branson who is the founder of Virgin airlines. His pledge to attach its name to several biofuel projects have not gone according to plan. While he had committed $3 billion to develop a new fuel, the sectors have stalled. Due to this, we are forced to settle with the “fact that he’s passionate about it is a good thing” (Klein

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