Free Throw Shooting Essay

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Free throw shooting is an art and skill which can affect the outcome of the game. The true definition is a stand still uncontested shot that is placed fifteen feet or four and fifty-seven hundredths meters from the basketball hoop (Lowry,5/13/07). In a coach’s mind free throws should be automatic, a player should rarely miss a free throw. But as the game keeps evolving, the fundamental of the free throw is being lost. There are plenty of things that go into the shot, first the routine, then the balance, after that you look at the rim or sight your goal, and finally you shoot (Timms, 10/6/08). If you are missing mechanics or balance it will throw off your shot, even changing your routine can drop your free
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Balance is key, without balance making a free throw is tough. Hand position should normally be on the back of the ball with the other hand on the side to guide it. If your hands are in the wrong place they can make the basketball go in all different directions, and more than likely not the direction you want them to go in. elbow in alignment means that your elbow should not be out, it should be tucked in like a wing at the shooter’s side. This is almost like hand position because with your elbow out the ball would go in different directions. When someone is running, the fastest way to get there is looking at where they are running, same with basketball if the shooter is not focused on the rim he or she will shoot the ball where they are looking at. Rhythm has a lot to do with repetition, if you have the same rhythm on every shot the shot becomes natural and automatic in a way. Sometimes the last part is referred to as the goose neck or putting your hand in the cookie jar, but the true name for it is the follow through. It gives the ball the backspin and direction for where the ball should go, without a follow through the ball can go long or shot. All these mechanics are used well as long as they are repeated over and over so they will produce good results and made free throws(Timms, 10/6/08).

Smart 4 A shooter can shoot however they want to, all one must do to be an effective free throw shooter is to repeat the same mechanics,

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