Free Speech Is The Basis Of A True Education By Robert Zimmer

In this article, “Free Speech Is the Basis of a True Education”, Robert Zimmer demonstrates the effects of the limiting speech within the university affecting the student’s education. Zimmer believes that the universities have created “a sanctuary for comfort” for the students, when they should “provide critical pathways” instead. Speakers who have controversial ideas are discouraged to speak at universities due to their content deemed offensive. Zimmer states that students need to be able to acknowledge the complexity in actions and ideas. When they question each action, they are challenging their perspectives, giving themselves an opportunity to be diverse in their own expressions and thoughts. He concludes his editorial with stating how universities “restrain speech” that they find unsettling. The purpose of Zimmer’s editorial is to show the effects of limiting speech within the universities. The author’s purpose is not to cast blame on either side, but to challenge his audience, the students of universities, to step up and reclaim their voice as the next generation. While Zimmer explains the …show more content…
Using an array of artistic logos to back up this argument, he goes on to say how universities have created “weak imitations of a true education”. This has the readers rethink the education they are currently receiving. Zimmer brings up the point of how schooling should be “a crucible for confronting ideas”, to have the students be able to “make informed judgments”. While also bringing up how schooling is being “seriously diminished” by taking away the ability of expressing the students take on situations. Zimmer expresses that students should strive to gain an “enriching education” and the universities ought to strive to have the best education for all students. Allowing him to argue his position with a logical fashion, but also incorporating emotions within his

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