First Amendment Rights Case Study

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Campuses are a place of learning and cultivating connections with instructors and peers, and when evaluating your selection of universities you may take into account many things such as location and accreditation and also depending on numerous individual aspirations. If you are considering attending University of Oklahoma, its important to understand the role of free speech and safety which is essential information for students considering on campus living. It 's crucial to understand what First Amendment rights are also what qualifies as hate speech, and how OU implements safety and free speech rights.

The constitutions ' eleven amendments make up the fiber of the United Staes laws, and the first amendment acknowledges freedom of expression
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It’s meant to offend, provoke and abuse minorities creating an atmosphere of intolerance at several institutions. Many have argued that hate speech is the same as fighting words, which violate first amendment rights. There have been numerous court cases. one such case was Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, which decided “fighting words are those that incite an immediate violent response. They are no essential part of any exposition of ideas, and are of such slight social value as a step to the truth that any benefit that may be derived from them is clearly outweighed by the social interest in order and morality.” (Hudson) Implying that this type of speech is of little social value and any benefit is outweigh by the absence of social morals. Many cases have fought to abolish speech codes saying that it violates The First Amendment, but a majority of them have been dismissed for vagueness and being …show more content…
OU has been in the headlines for it’s free speech laws in the past. An example of this is an incident where a bus full of fraternity students chanted a racially offensive song. A student filmed the event and the SAE fraternity was banned from campus and two students expelled. Many argue that it is protected by free speech but OU president David Boren is quoted saying “All of us will redouble our efforts to create the strongest sense of family and community. We vow that we will be an example to the entire country of how to deal with this issue. There must be zero tolerance for racism everywhere in our nation.” Many students were also allowed to have a peaceful protest on campus after the video emerged. Safety is provided by OUPD officers that are on twenty four hour call on the

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