Essay on Free Rider 's Problem During The Arab Spring Movement

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In the second point, I believe that social media helped to overcome the “free rider” problem during the Arab spring movement. Because social media was used as a vehicle to gather likeminded citizens for demonstration, to overcome the social problem of the free riders in a the case of collective action, however this is not the case in ever revolution on social media, because there are cases where a person can say that they will be attending an event on social media and decide not to show up or forget about the event totally. The organizer of this event might get the impression that he/she might have 1000 people in attendance, but 500 people may show up and demonstrate. However, the 500 who were not in attendance may still benefit from the impact of the 500 people who showed up to demonstrate. This is a clear example of free riding in a group. An example of free rider’s problem occurred is the recent U.S presidential election, citizens who shared the same ideology in Democratic Party were likely to join social media groups that shared the same ideology than groups who opposed the liberal view. These Democrats supporters joined Hillary Clinton in raising money and convincing voters to vote for Hillary. However, in the Democratic Party alone there was division within supporters of Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders`s s represented the majority of the college votes. However, Hillary Clinton also represented the liberal women vote. I believe the problem of free riders…

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