Free College Vs. The United States Essay

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As of the year of 2015, college students in the United States have demanded free college. These demands have echoed through the 2015-2016 presidential election, as well as, through the government. The president, in 2015, unveiled a proposal, called the America’s College Promise, that would make two years of free education among community colleges within the United States (Hudson). This proposal would allow student’s to potentially earn about half of a bachelor’s degree or attain workforce skills. Free college, many students and parents, think this is a great concept for low income families, to be exact, six in ten Americans polled agree with the idea (Kelly Cohen). The outcome of this however will not work in favor of those families and will start the deconstruction of our higher education system and national, state and local economies. The enforcement of free college will result in a bad situation for the citizens of the United States and the economy.
When most students are told about free college, they think of not having to pay for anything within college, that is wrong. According to Stuart M. Butler, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, McCourt School of Public Policy, said, “… many lower income students at community colleges would still not have the money to cover the non-tuition costs…” (Butler). Books, dorms, transportation, college fees and food will still need to be paid by the student. Most of the costs for college consist of dorms, fees, and books,…

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