Essay about Free Charter School Is The School Of Choice

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GTA is a free charter school located in beautiful Northern Michigan. We are a “school of choice”, even more so than surrounding schools, since our families are required to transport their students to school and provide lunch. We do not have a bussing system or cafeteria. Our students are with their teachers for the entire day. Teachers supervise their own recess and even eat lunch with students. Classroom hour run from 7:55-3:40 Monday-Thursday and 7:55-11:40 on Fridays. It is safe to say that teachers at GTA develop a long-lasting relationship with their students. Not only because of the multi-aged classrooms, but our teachers spend almost more time with students than their parents do.
If our evaluations included a section on teacher/student relationship, our teachers would pass with flying colors. But unfortunately, the Department of Education is not concerned with how well you know and care for your student(s), but what you have taught them. Obviously, what we teach our students is incredibly important. But with changes taking place in legislation requiring student’s tests scores reflecting teachers evaluations; this feels more out of our control than other things teachers deal with on a daily basis.
GTA started following the Marzano Model for Teacher Evaluation for teacher and staff evaluations in 2014. We began the school year strong with many trainings on how to lesson plan, create our goals and modules, and how to reflect on our teaching. Once January rolled along,…

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