Franklin Roosevelt : The First President Of The United States

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the thirty-second President of the United States of America and was elected into office four times. This was a huge accomplishment because presidents were only supposed to be elected two times or be in office for a total of ten years. With this accomplishment came hardships. The United States was in turmoil. Roosevelt had to pull the United States out of The Great Depression and World War II. Roosevelt led the United States through the depression and the war while ill. FDR was a very optimistic and motivated man and looked at the positives of everything. Throughout his tenure in the White House he accomplished many objectives that could have ended tragically for the United States if done differently. Franklin Roosevelt did marry and he was happy as he lived his life. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, NY on January 30, 1882. Franklin. Roosevelt was an only child. His parents were very wealthy. They were working with real estate and trade. They were able to make a lot of money and provide long-term financial security for their son. As Roosevelt grew older his parents sent him off to school at Groton in Massachusetts, which was an all boys school. The experience was a difficult one for him, as he did not fit in with the other students. Groton men excelled in athletics and Roosevelt did not. Although Roosevelt was not athletic he made up for it with his studies. He developed an interest in politics and went with it.…

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