Essay on Frankenstein : The Modern Prometheus

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Mary Shelley, the author of science-fiction novel Frankenstein: Or, The Modern Prometheus, more widely-known as simply Frankenstein, was born in England during 1797, the daughter of a feminist activist and a political writer/philosopher. She began writing Frankenstein at age 18. After being cooped up indoors after a year without summer, Mary and her friends decided to have a writing contest to pass the time. Mary struggled to think of a topic to write about, but after having a conversation with her friend about electricity and the possibility of creating life with a spark, she began to write Frankenstein. Although she was 18 when she began writing it, due to personal issues, Frankenstein wasn’t published until two years later, when she was 20. Frankenstein was Mary’s first novel, and also the first ever science-fiction novel. She went on to write the first post-apocalyptic novel as well (The Last Man, in 1826) and many other works, but Frankenstein is the most acclaimed ( Editors). Frankenstein tells the story of scientist Victor Frankenstein, who tries to create life in his laboratory, and suffers the consequences of his hubris. He learns not to play god through the losses of family members and close friends, brought on by his own shame and cowardice. He realizes that science should not go too far, and that some things should be left to nature.
After growing up in Geneva, Switzerland and attending Ingolstadt university, chemist and natural philosopher…

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