Essay on Frankenstein : The Modern Day Prometheus

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Frankenstein is the creator of his monster, but is also known as the modern day Prometheus. After reading voluminous versions of books bout Frankenstein, I believe that people essentially believe Victor is considered the modern Prometheus because of the experimenting and life tampering work that should only be solitary by the veracious of God, to give individual creatures and human beings life. “Shelley’s creature cannot be simplified, reduced to the simplicity that ‘monster’ implies. Rather, the monstrosity with which Shelley is primarily concerned is that of Frankenstein and so it is fitting that the novel opens with not one corrupted, dangerous scientist, but two.” (Allen) It interrupts the steady flow and unbalances the force in nature because other people should not take the power of creation of people and life into their own hands. When studying Frankenstein’s creation, he was not striving to be evil and create an evil monster. When he was first created he became motivated very hastily even towards his dark ends by the rejection and torments at the hands of human beings. It was not made to be evil, nature and people pushed him to become isolated from society, forcing him to change to bad. A lot of people look down on Frankenstein but don’t realize what he has gone though. They should look down upon themselves for treating another living thing, natural or unnatural, like a piece of garbage. “The cottagers, in a way, took that Promethean place that Frankenstein failed to…

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