Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay example

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The initial response to the word monster often seems to be along the lines of evil, devil, or villain. However, in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the word monster has a different meaning, the only consistency apparent in the accustomed definition is the often giant and ugly aspect. The creature created from death, with the face of horror, and the physique of a beast, surely the victim of his creator Victor Frankenstein. Treading through life with no true identity, dealing with societies constant rejection and being deprived of a single friend, this forsaken creature proves to be living as a pathetic victim of Victors stale judgement. Dealing with the complications of life without a single companion makes living almost unbearable. The fault does not lie on the one living, but on the creator who was the first being the creature laid eyes on, and the first to abandon him. Victor Frankenstein had the choice to help develop his creations human side, and act as a true father. Instead, he was immediately horrified by the creatures appearance, and chose to flee, denying him the chance to understand the functions of emotions, or even basic communication. Having lacked the skills to converse with others made it impossible to apprise them of his early kind and harmless nature. As for the creatures emotions, he never really understood them until later when he found himself easily empathizing with the cottagers. Since the creature at no time had the chance to learn how to control his…

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